Industrial Estates EP

by The Feline Dream



Feline's third EP of the 21st century, including a special remix by Jupiter Ace, and a selection of live recordings from 'Feline Week', when we played five gigs in one week in Belfast.

Handmade CD copies were originally sold in the Backbeat record shop on Belfast's Great Victoria Street.
The EP was reissued by Corruptuve Records in 2004, and then remastered in 2013 with three bonus tracks.


released November 20, 2000

NICK CARLISLE: vocals/vocoder, keyboards & synthesizers, drum machine, footstomping
DAVID DAVIS: vocals/vocoder, synthesizers & keyboards, drum machine, stand-up

'Beachcomber' re-made/re-modelled by Jupiter Ace at OSbyte Labs
Live tracks recorded in Belfast during 'Feline Week', September 2000:
MICHAEL STALEY: drum machine, live sub-mix & FX
Outfront sound by Eamonn P. Keyes, Jonathan Wallace & Paul O'Shaughnessy.

Front cover photograph by Phil Parkes, back cover photo by Spacemeal.

Original Industrial Estates EP released 20th November 2000. This edition with bonus tracks remastered at Feline HQ, 2013

All tracks written by N.Carlisle/D.Davis © Copyright Control MCPS
All sound recordings ℗ 2000, 2013 Corruptive Records


all rights reserved



The Feline Dream Brighton, UK

The Feline Dream were a collaboration between David 'Deakie' Davis and Nicholas 'Mermaid' Carlisle, a pair of gingers from County Down.

The band met a wretched demise in December 2003, however due to the invention of the phonograph by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville on 25th March 1857, their music can still be enjoyed today.
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Track Name: Industrial Estates
I never thought I'd get to leaving
Then they moved me out of town
Gave me something to believe in
Now I've turned my life around

Waiting at the gates
I had to settle down
Industrial Estates
On the edge of town

Never had a better reason
Never had a better plan
I seen big men hangin' out in threesomes
Big men driving round in vans


Never thought I'd get to leaving
Then they moved me out of town
Now I'm crazy at the weekends
I'm crazy when I have the time

Track Name: Beachcomber (Jupiter Ace remix)
Beachcomber - wandering through sand and shingle

A southern wind
Blowing in from the ocean
Overcast, where the land meets the sea
Sifting through the finer fragments
Still you take what you can,
well I just want to tell you

One day we made
A promise, just to break it
So don't you say
It got complicated

Wandering through sand and shingle
Vagabond, the only way to pass the time
The broken sound
Of voices drowning in the white noise
Here I am, take my hand
Pull me from the wreckage

CHORUS repeat
Now you're on your own
Track Name: Animal Daydreams (live during 'Feline Week' Sept 2000) [Bonus track]
The Feline Dream hidden in our eyes,
it now seems right to be realised.
No baby talk with the balls of wool,
it's time to show just who is the fool.

CHORUS: You have - one life - with this one life you have -
trapped us - strapped us - Now it's time for you to die!

Oh pretty pussies, are you ready to kill?
We'll catch them bending when they're pouring the milk.
A claw in the eye is worth two in the hand.
Our fire will burn throughout the land.

CHORUS repeat

Bow Down to Your Leader! Yes, we have won!
A New World Order should be fun.
Swear I'm no fascist and I'm not deranged
This is your promised messiah and she's ringing the change
Track Name: At A Standstill (live during 'Feline Week' Sept 2000) [Bonus track]
People speeding by they leave me stranded
At a standstill in the rain
I just sit and count the minutes passing
But for me there's no loss and no gain

Push and drive, so many ways to play now
Feel the rush against my skin
Maybe I will sit and watch the others
Cars that sigh down doppler wind

Squeeze the blood from the stone
You have to get there on your own
and there is no-one over the horizon

Squeeze the blood from the stone
You'll never make it on your own
Dream until they find you with the cursor
But you know your game is done
Track Name: Florian und Magalie (live during 'Feline Week' Sept 2000)
I'll meet you at the station
Platform number four
There's nothing here to keep me anymore

I started feeling crazy
So many years ago
(Back in 1984?)
Ever since I let my baby go

Speeding through the tunnels
Changing at Cologne
Leave behind the safety of my home

But it's you and me together
You and me alone
The two of us forever on the run

(Florian... Magalie...)

Florian and Magalie
I don't know what's wrong with me
Florian and Magalie
Do they know what's wrong with me?
Wrong with me.
Florian and Magalie
Track Name: People Without Pets (live during 'Feline Week' Sept 2000)
Hi! - I'm a fool, a defector, I'm a sinking boat.
My eyes frighten children, stare madly from my hooded coat
Another day, a week, another year.
I can't control my ever growing fears
Can't keep in contact with the outside world.
It seems society would rather see our hero dead
I do not know the words He's a people without pets
That people feed each other With no need for silly vets
I'm frightened of the telephone Can't you see his mind is sick?
I tend to stutter He's a bloody lunatic

Circle, give me comfort from the vicious square.
Guide me, take me out into the open air
I cast aside responsibility.
So independent but I don't feel free
Human emotions don't apply to me.
Wish I could laugh some love or spit some hate with honesty
I cannot care about myself He's a people without pets
or any being With no need for silly vets
I need to learn the rudiments Can't you see his mind is sick?
of social living He's a bloody lunatic

So, I get up, and I go to the window,
and I catch sight of something soft and warm on the grass below.
Somebody comes to retrieve the cat and it strikes me that,
she's had a lifetime of practice with furballs...

I feel so happy now the answer's clear.
I've gone untouched by softness all these years
My fingers itching now we're on the street.
To touch the beards and hats and coats and cats of those I meet
Track Name: Lull (live during 'Feline Week' Sept 2000) [Bonus track]
Early morning
make your way home
Cross the motorway
glowing alone
Rays like crystal shine down
from above
Bathed in orange
November sun

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