Hell and Highwater EP

by The Feline Dream



Feline's final EP before they met a wretched demise.
Think electroglam krautrock punk played on Mark E Smith's stolen Korg und Dusty Springfield's dead mellotron…


released December 4, 2003

MR DAVIS: vocals, bass pedals, bass guitar, clavinet, piano, synthesizers, drum machines, MPC4000 (sequencing & sampling) and electronics generally
OLD NICK: vocals, mellotron, chamberlin, piano, clavinet, synthesizers, guitar, MPC4000 (drums & sequencing), tambourine

Produced by The Feline Dream at Feline HQ, Brighton, March–August 2003.
Mastered by Eamonn P Keyes at The Dog House.

Feline Dream logo by OSbyte Labs. Additional photography by Dawn Mannis & Percival Mariano.

All tracks written by N.Carlisle/D.Davis © Copyright Control MCPS
All sound recordings ℗ 2003 Corruptive Records

Special thanks to Dawn & Jackie.


all rights reserved



The Feline Dream Brighton, UK

The Feline Dream were a collaboration between David 'Deakie' Davis and Nicholas 'Mermaid' Carlisle, a pair of gingers from County Down.

The band met a wretched demise in December 2003, however due to the invention of the phonograph by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville on 25th March 1857, their music can still be enjoyed today.
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Track Name: The Mirror Image
In the mirror, you look bad
Well tell me something I haven't heard
Well you've seen better days
And you better change your ways

Broken mirror, broken glass
But you can't destroy your past
Hate yourself and you don't know why
Those pictures never die

The six signs of dead hair
The seven signs of ageing
Inject your face with poison
Subject your dog to Internet porn
That was a change for the worse
Back-to-front, in reverse
Crop, rotate, negativize
But that camera never lies
So just say you were drunk
As if that was good enough
But I see that boy at night
Wake up with a troubled mind

CHORUS repeat
Track Name: My Valerian
I close my eyes and contemplate
I see the actors take the stage
Oh my Valerian
In time
revisiting the greatest scenes
The tragedy and comedy
Oh my Valerian

And now
I'm searching in a foreign breeze
I'm drinking to the memories
Of my Valerian
So high
I'm following the vapour trails
I'm waving as the ship sets sail
With my Valerian

Back then
I couldn't find the words to say
Or justify the games I'd play
I sold you down the line
But still
the letters and the photographs
the wicked things that made me laugh
We broke the rules again

they stick around to watch you wake
I kick around the summer days
I'm losing track of time
So high
I'm following the vapour trails
I'm waving as the ship sets sail
With my Valerian
Track Name: Watching the Snow
So blue
As far as I can see
So cold
Just footprints and me

Dry you eyes now
Dry your eyes so you can see
You'll just have to try now
You'll just have to try and then we'll see

I told you
That I'd have to leave
I told you
But you wouldn't believe

CHORUS repeat

My home
Is where I can be
My song
Is all I can sing

And half of the time when we speak our minds
It's just an excuse to be cruel, unkind

Watching the snow it falls to ground
Covers the tracks with the softest sound
One last look as I slip away
One last look, no more words to say...
Track Name: Get Your War On
In a time of war
Shaken to the core
Where the worm had grown
Bitter fruit disowned

We ignored the signs
We had closed our minds
They tell us it's too late
Tell us whom to hate

I will take a stand
They won't force my hand
In the cold clean air
No better time to dare

Taking to the street
Open wounds so deep
Feel the deadly thrill
Heartbeats race, then still

TV dinners, missing winners
Get your war on, boys
All the action, big distraction,
Get your war on, boys

TV dinners, saints and sinners
Get your war on, boys
Small screen action, big distraction
Get your war on, boys

Hi, it looks like you're trying to write a letter!
Would you like me to ?!@"$@!@£...

v1 & v4 repeat

CHORUS repeat x2

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