by The Feline Dream



Back in the mists of time (13th August 1994 to be exact), we released a demo cassette, simply entitled FELINE.
All the tracks were recorded in a basement in Dromore, County Down, on a little 4-track portastudio.

A very limited number (15 we think) of handmade copies were to be found for sale on the shelves of independent Belfast record shops Heroes & Villains and Dr.Robert

The cover features the infamous "STRESS - RESISTANCE - EXHAUSTION" graph...

A remix of 'Lull' from 2007 by Northern Irish sonic experimenter Barry Cullen is included here as a bonus track.


released August 4, 1994

NICK: vocals, synths, percussion, programming
DAVID: backing vocals, bass guitar, bass pedals, programming

All songs written by N.Carlisle/D.Davis © Copyright Control MCPS
All sound recordings ℗ 1994 Corruptive Records


all rights reserved



The Feline Dream Brighton, UK

The Feline Dream were a collaboration between David 'Deakie' Davis and Nicholas 'Mermaid' Carlisle, a pair of gingers from County Down.

The band met a wretched demise in December 2003, however due to the invention of the phonograph by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville on 25th March 1857, their music can still be enjoyed today.
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Track Name: Animal Daydreams
The Feline Dream hidden in our eyes,
it now seems right to be realised.
No baby talk with the balls of wool,
it's time to show just who is the fool.

CHORUS: You have - one life - with this one life you have -
trapped us - strapped us - Now it's time for you to die!

Oh pretty pussies, are you ready to kill?
We'll catch them bending when they're pouring the milk.
A claw in the eye is worth two in the hand.
Our fire will burn throughout the land.

CHORUS repeat

Bow Down to Your Leader! Yes, we have won!
A New World Order should be fun.
Swear I'm no fascist and I'm not deranged
This is your promised messiah and she's ringing the change
Track Name: The Naked Light
Going down underground,
getting to the heart of things
There's a bolted door,
with rotted wood and rust on the hinge
So long now, forgotten, old shackles,
It's not difficult to break the lock
Falling to my knees, I think I've rediscoverd the plot

Face to face in the Naked Light
I'd build my castles, and break my castles down
I couldn't see, I'd blocked the light out
But now I've found you I will never
Stray from this path again
Illuminate forever

Lonely me, lonely you
Lonliness is all we know
From an early age
We stifled any hint of a glow
Like flowers we wither, smothered by hate
As the distance grows
Between the purest drives, and the excuses for a modern day soul

CHORUS repeat
Track Name: Lull
Early morning
make your way home
Cross the motorway
glowing alone
Rays like crystal shine down
from above
Bathed in orange
Welcome the sun
Track Name: Electrolux
Eyeful earful mouthful mindful
High potential screaming light

woeful wasteful hurtful hateful
exponential screaming light


willful wishful wakeful wasteful
high potential screaming light


I will not see anymore
I will not hear anymore
There has to be something more

high potential high potential
high potential high potential
Track Name: Lull (BEW Remix)
Early morning
make your way home
Cross the motorway
glowing alone
Rays like crystal shine down
from above
Bathed in orange
Welcome the sun

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